See the ring that had us thinking Chris Brown got engaged for Christmas


Wait, I think I messed that up. Anyway.

OK, Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran, we'll bite, but only because it's like a train wreck we can't look away from. And I mean, the ring is beautiful, and we love jewelry, so there's that.

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Brown had started the rumor mill churning that he and his sometimes-when-he-is-not-publicly-bashing-her girlfriend are engaged when Tran posted a very large and sparkly ring shot on her Instagram account.

Chris Brown ring photo

Chris Brown ring photo

So, is this an engagement ring? Or did Brown need to apologize for being young and dumb again (which he seems to have to do a lot)?

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As of late, the two have been duking it out over social media for Brown's outburst on stage, when he called Tran a "bitch" and then followed up by claiming she was sleeping with fellow rapper Drake.

Tran also posted a photo of her "Christmas pup," which she also reportedly got from Brown, and which is very cute.

Chris Brown puppy photo

Chris Brown puppy photo

I know diamonds are supposed to be a girl's best friend, but do you know what else is a girl's best friend? A boyfriend who doesn't accuse her of cheating with another man and doesn't call her a "bitch" in front of thousands of people.

Dear Breezy, you can only claim to be young and dumb so much until we just stop caring about you all together (and we are barely tolerating you now after all your other "young" and "dumb" stunts before).

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We aren't convinced this is an engagement ring.

With rumors (that we don't believe either) swirling about Kendall Jenner, Brown seen cozying up with other women, and let's not forget him twerking on top of Amber Rose, maybe it's just wishful thinking that Tran didn't get engaged to a man who has such obvious contempt and a lack of respect for women.

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