WATCH: Old Karaoke Cartoon Reveals ‘Jingle Bells’ Is About Hooking Up [VIDEO]


The year is 1949, and people are going to the movies to see a double feature with some newsreels and a cartoon because America has beaten the Nazis and life is good again. People were even ready for a singalong Christmas cartoon about getting laid. Which, it turns out, is “Jingle Bells.”

We did not know this–until, that is, the fine folks at Youtube channel Xmas Flix posted the cartoon “Snow Foolin’,” which ends with that “Jingle Bells” singalong. Check it out and learn that there’s an entire extra verse where a guy is riding along in a sleigh and picks up a gal for a little action. “She didn’t seem to mind,” say the lyrics, so that’s good to know. Now we feel a lot better about using “Jingle Boobs” as the title for some sexy Christmas GIFs.

Take a look for yourself this fine Christmas morning. You can probably win a few bar bets with this, or baffle your friends by continuing to sing after they’re finished with their clearly inferior version of “Jingle Bells” during next year’s SantaCon. Consider this a morning Christmas gift from your pals at COED. Yeah, we’re cheap…

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