The Specific Features of This Journal (Особенности этого журнала)


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On the place of a "userpick" of this journal there is a photo of a St. Bernard, while under all my articles the function "leave a comment" is blocked, and for good reason.
People with the "specific" skills can use a photo to make "harm" to the human depicted on it. One can believe in it or not, but it is worth not to exclude such a possibility. God helps those who help themselves.
However, in my case, the absence of a picture just will not allow the people with the "non-traditional" capabilities to realize their evil intentions, and therefore I won't have to take countermeasures in relation to them, which with high probability can be fatal.
As for the comments on my articles, the very lack of the opportunity to debate on the pages of the journal will save health, and even life to those who are still in a state of delusion about the reality of their "incognito" status in the Network. Any user can be doped out and, if necessary, even "gotten." In order that the people do not tempt in their desire to harm thy neighbor, believing in own impunity, I had to take the preventive measures ... :))
In all the rest, I act like a regular LJ user. When visiting the "friends' pages", I prefer not to engage in polemical debate, as well as not to "feed the trolls", but in certain situations can respond appropriately. So, if such a troll, who hides behind an anonymous "userpick", at some point feels a sharp deterioration in health, it would mean that "the award has found its hero." I do not really care about the "professional trolls", but some owners of the blogs sin by something like that and are engaged in "trolling" their readers.
Possession of the capabilities that the Creator had given me has left its mark on all my life and forced me to minimize the circle of personal contacts. People who are in a state of confusion with respect to the essence of my Incarnation, are not prepared to adhere to the proper correctness in contacts with me, thinking that they talk to a common human.
And, be sure, I am not deprived of attention on the part of the security services. It's a long story, stretching from the time when they had first fixed my presence on the Earth until today. Usually, they deal with the people who have the non-traditional capabilities (extrasensory perception experts, sorcerers, parapsychologists) and easily "cope" with them. If the "spooks" are unable to subdue such a human, then, as the powers that be set up from the time immemorial, they have to destroy him or her, because such a person threatens the very existence of the System. This is the harsh reality.
In my case, initially everything "went wrong" [a quotation from V. Vysotsky. – L.B.] for them, because already before my arrival in this world in the Hypostasis of the Spirit in the flesh, the Creator had foreseen such a possibility and forestalls any attempts of attacks on my life and health at the stage of formation of motivation of people's actions. That's why I'm still alive in spite of the efforts of the security services. But those of the "spooks" who with dull stubbornness like a Pavlov's dog are reflexively scheming again and again my downfall, I would like to remind of the old adage that is popular in Ukraine, which literally translated means that there is no means to resist another crowbar other than one's own crowbar [American equivalent – you don't bring a knife to a gunfight. – L.B.]. Alas, "good Messers," but ipso facto you just cannot possess your "own crowbar "... :))
Usually, in the human realm a person acquires the psychic abilities in the result of his or her falling into extreme situations, which pose risk to health and life. In fact, a person comes into contact with some kind of force who is unknown to him or her, and whose motivation prevails in the said person's choice of an object for exposure. This circumstance drastically reduces the person's possibility of using the afore mentioned force in his or her sole discretion. That is why heaving healed many, such people are unable to help themselves or those who are dear to them.
The phenomenon that "spooks" took for the "manifestation of my psychic abilities," in fact is a consequence of the implementation of gift, received from the Creator, which allows me to manage the processes in this world through the use of the means of His world. From the standpoint of a layman, such a statement could be interpreted as the "ravings of an urban madman," and it usually happens so... :)) The reason of the human delusions is simple – absence of the relevant knowledge in the society at large. These attainments are with me, but humans do not possess them. So, everything connected with me is beyond the commonness' framework.
In contrast with the psychics and the clairvoyants, who at some point gained the unusual abilities, I know why I've got a gift at birth, as well as why and how I should use it.
Among other things, the Creator gave me as a bonus the capacity which in Russian language is an equivalent to the notion "to wit".
The information that I receive directly from the Creator, is a guide to action, and therefore I accept it without a shadow of a doubt. I suspect that this my quality gives a hard time to the representatives of the special services ... :))
My ability to heal became a "side effect" of the main gift. This helps me maintain in good condition the health of my family members and my health also. From time to time I also help those who the medicine is not able to help. Some of them are in good health 20 years after the diagnosis of cancer of the 4th stage.
I have neither the desire nor the need to engage in the debate and prove something to the representatives of official medicine. Besides, I don't see any sense to do so. Humanity has grow and grow to reach the level of these technologies. I've helped a human, returned health and performance, and Thank God! And a human should find a way to me him- or herself.
With no less success I can also help animals and do this with pleasure. I think that for my "opponents" from the medicine it would be difficult to interpret a process of the animals' healing as a result of mere "suggestion", as it often sounds out of their mouths in the cases of the people's recovery. It is good that such skeptics are in minority, and in the field of medicine there are a lot of intelligent and sensible people, but there are also the "religious fanatics."
Quite often one can meet among people the "well-wishers", who having come to believe in their impunity try out of malice to slander and "set up" thy neighbor, making the imaginary patient of a relative or friend, which is punishable. Occasionally, I also run into them.
Some people try to convince me that they themselves are terminally ill while staying at the same time in perfect health. The motivation of such acts ranges from malice to a banal stupidity on the part of another "whistleblower" from among the official medicine's fans. What then is the surprise of those who asked me for help with malicious intent, when I, not refuting the "false" diagnosis, strongly recommend them to seek medical advice. The most "interesting" awaits for such a "patient" at the medical institution where not a false, but the real disease is diagnosed. And the state of their general condition confirms the existence of problems. As requested, then they got ... :)) The representatives of the special services are also the masters of the set-ups and the hoaxes, for which they get their pennyworth. So, everyday life for them goes as the words of the old Soviet song say "we can only dream of the rest..."
People can avoid all these troubles, if they follow the simple commandment: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov
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