'Calm Down': Corey Lewandowski Melts Down On CNN

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In CNN's post-debate wrap up, former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski exploded after he failed repeatedly to dismiss the Trump sex tape as "nothing at all to bother with."

Corey was belligerent to Van Jones and Gloria Borger and was finally told by David Axelrod to calm down.

"Are we going to talk about the debate or the videotape?" Lewandowski said.

Jake Tapper said Trump's sex tape was discussed in the debate so it was a fair topic to discuss and then pressed him for his honest reaction. Corey used the lame "locker room talk" excuse and tried to move on.

If anything this was "unfiltered bus talk" by Trump, who was almost 60 years old at the time. Face it, Corey, your boss and personal god was caught on a hot mic talking about sexual assault as if he's Caligula in ancient Rome discussing what he does to his slave girls.

But I digress.

Van Jones got into a screaming match with Corey and called Trump out: "That is an assault, sir!"

Corey said he never actually assaulted anybody and shifted into attack Hillary mode and yelled about the 33,000 emails!

Axelrod cut in and said, "Calm down just one second. You're doing right now what Donald Trump tried to do in the debate. Which is rather than really address this in a genuine way and get to the core of why it troubles people, he tried to switch the topic really quickly."

Gloria Borger tried to interject her thoughts, but Corey was not allowing her to speak. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

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