Melania Trump subtly shaded her own husband with her blouse last night


Donald Trump's 11-year-old (and extremely sexist) conversation with Billy Bush has been making headlines, but there may be an unexpected silver-lining.

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During the presidential debate on Sunday night, the internet paid special attention to Trump's wife, Melania Trump, for one reason: She appears to have been throwing subtle shade at her husband and his "pussy" comment with her blouse.

The blouse in question is a bright pink, silk pussy-bow top (the tie at the top of the blouse resembles the bow tied around a cat's neck), which is from Gucci and costs a whopping $1,100.

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We all know Melania is a former model and knows a thing or two about fashion, but was her choice of top deliberate, or just a brilliant coincidence? Of course, we hoped it was deliberate, as did a lot of Twitter users, who took to social media to share their reactions to the choice of blouse.

Yep, Twitter doesn't miss anything.

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However, it turns out Melania's choice of fashion was not intended to discredit husband. A rep for Melania told a CBS News reporter that her top "was not intentional." Even so, it did make for some excellent reactions.

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