Deal: Samsung Gear Fit2 Fitness Tracker for $149 – 10/10/16

Deal: Samsung Gear Fit2 Fitness Tracker for $149 – 10/10/16

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Earlier this year, Samsung announced the Gear Fit2, which was the successor to the Gear Fit which was announced in 2014. It’s a pretty major update to the original, and of course includes all of the usual suspects that you would expect to see in a fitness tracker. Much like the Gear S2 and Gear S3, the Gear Fit2 does work with non-Samsung Android smartphones, but it does work better with a Samsung device, as opposed to a HTC or LG-made smartphone. The Gear Fit2 will track your activity, as well as your workouts and show you how many calories you have indeed burned. It also will give you your notifications on your wrist. Effectively giving you a hybrid of a fitness tracker and a smartwatch. You can also store some of your favorite music on the Gear Fit2, or connect with Spotify. Allowing you to leave your phone at home while you go out on a run.

Samsung offers the Gear Fit2 in black, blue and pink, all three colors are on sale for $149. It’s also available in small and large sizes. The Gear Fit2 is typically priced at about $179, so it’s not a huge discount in price here, but still pretty decent, considering how new this fitness tracker is.

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