18-year-old wins $10,000 to help homeless women get access to tampons.

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Nadya Okamoto is an 18-year-old freshman at Harvard University, but her young age isn't stopping her from helping to save the world. In fact, she just won $10,000 for her non-profit that helps homeless women get access to pads and tampons. That's right. She has her own non-profit.

According to Elite Daily, as a high school freshman, Okamoto lived two hours away from where she went to school. During her commute, she always saw the same homeless women on the bus and formed bonds with them. She learned that the women all shared one major concern: they weren't able to get pads or tampons for their periods. Okamoto was inspired to help.

As a high school sophomore, she asked her classmate Vincent Forand to help her launch a non-profit called Camions of Care. The organization distributes pads, tampons, and other feminine hygiene products to homeless women. Okamoto also mentors other young leaders to start their own chapters of the charity. Since Camions was founded two years ago, chapters in 30 schools across 17 states have been formed and 25,000 periods have been addressed. Pretty impressive.

Okamoto​ was recently named a 2016 L'Oréal Paris Woman of Worth Honoree, and received $10,000 for Camions of Care. For every $1 the organization earns, one woman gets access to menstrual products.

Okamoto has already earned enough to help 10,000 more women, and she has a chance to help 25,000 more. The public can now vote for one of the 10 Women of Worth nominees to become the National Honoree and take home another $25,000. If Okamoto wins the vote, Camions of Care could help a total of 35,000 women get the hygiene products they need.

Not bad for 18 years old.

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