Melania Trump may have been sending subliminal messages with her blouse at the debate.

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Melania Trump may or may not have intentionally thrown a buttload of shade by wearing a "pussy-bow blouse" to the second presidential debate on Sunday.

just when u thought things couldn't get any more #surreal #melaniatrump wears a #Pussy blouse to the #debate! #pinchmeimustbedreaming

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A leaked tape of Trump detailing how he can get away with grabbing women "by the pussy" is the latest vomit-inducing garbage spewed from the crusty mouth hole of the Republican Nominee. In the same tape, he spoke about his trying to sleep with a married woman—later revealed as Nancy O'dell—while his own wife was pregnant with their son.

At first Melania said her husband's remarks were "unacceptable and offensive," but later accepted his apology. However, her $1100 bright pink Gucci "pussy bow" blouse may indicate that she is still holding a grudge.

Or perhaps the fashion choice was intended to show that she is standing by her husband amidst "pussy-gate."

Or maybe Melania could have just been making a fashion statement and was not trying to make a statement with her fashion. Either way, cute top!

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