Woman Accuses Film Critic Devin Faraci of Grabbing Her P***y

Woman Accuses Film Critic Devin Faraci of Grabbing Her P***y

The Daily Dot

Behind every performatively woke man is a dark past he’s desperately trying to make sure you don’t see. Such appears to be the case with Devin Faraci, film critic at Birth.Movies.Death.—and a man who’s garnered a reputation for being a “good” guy (if not a little holier-than-thou and obnoxious).

But after tweeting his outrage over Trump’s “grab them by the pussy” comments, Twitter user @spacecrone tweeted at him, accusing him of doing exactly that.

@spacecrone spoke more about her accusation on her timeline, saying he stuck his hand down her pants and told mutual friends he had “fingerbanged” her. “I've avoided making that public for over a decade but I guess my rage at trump has uncasked the Gorgon in me,” she wrote. She also said she had given him opportunities to apologize before, and he never did.

Faraci claimed on Twitter that he had no memory of the event, and asked for forgiveness (though he did not technically offer an apology). He hasn’t addressed the accusation again online, though many others are supporting @spacecrone, and saying he’s been a creep for a long time.

The democratization of language has made it incredibly easy for anyone to appear liberal and open-minded. Call enough things “problematic,” ask for men to “do better,” or mention “rape culture” or “gender is a construct,” and you’ve strung together enough buzzwords you don’t have to prove you’ve got the beliefs to back them up. To really be woke, you have to learn to separate the performance from the person. And that’s a lesson marginalized people have had to learn far too often.
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