Brutal Husband Drags His Wife from a Car by Her Hair as Insensitive Crowd Laughs and Records Video

The Daily Bhaskar

"Get in the car. Do I have to beat you or are you going to get in?" This is what a man can be heard saying to his wife in a brutal footage that has surfaced on the internet.

The clip shows the man violently dragging his wife by her hair in public. Reportedly, the incident is of an unnamed Chinese city.

The woman, who had apparently tried to escape her violent spouse, is seen trying to get away in a taxi, but is pulled from the car by her hair and made crouch beside it as a callous crowd laughs and records the video.

What’s remarkable, the woman, despite being humiliated in the public by her husband shows no emotions.

The man, who is speaking in a Chinese dialect, shouts at the woman for trying to run away as he drags her to his car.
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