‘I had to leave the job I loved’: dealing with mental health problems at work


As part of World Mental Health Day 2016, we asked readers to share their experiences of mental health in the workplace – here’s what they said

The majority of my experiences have been positive. However, one stands out. When I started, I didn’t tell this employer about my conditions. As usual, my anxiety began to make me sick. I took more and more sick days as I tried to struggle through, and it was eventually noticed. I ended up telling them about my mental health conditions. They nodded along politely, but basically gave me an ultimatum. They would not do anything to help, I would have to effectively “man up” or be fired. I tried, but the anxiety and depression were far too strong. I ended up back in the meeting room with my manager, and was told that I had not passed the probation period. I was left living in London, hundreds of miles from my nearest family, with no income.

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