Pakistan’s Top Glamorous Business Women who’ve Changed their Country’s Image for Good!

The Daily Bhaskar

Gone are the days when women were meant to be confined within the four walls tending to their family. Having proven to be much more than a home maker in the past few decades, their dedication and compassion has taken them through various walks of life.

While women all over the West are playing their part in nurturing nations and driving the economic up-liftment of their country, why should the Eastern women fall behind, right?! And since you’re already well aware of the powerful Indian women who have made it big in the world, here’s your chance to take a look at the mighty Pakistani women who’ve broken all norms of societal barriers.

Considering that the country takes the marriage of a girl at the age of 16 very seriously, the fact that these ladies have crossed this barrier to flourish immensely in the world of business, have made them quite outstanding.

All the way from IT to politics, take a look at the Pakistani business women who’ve proved they’re much beyond a mere baby making machine!
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