Trump Isn’t Going Anywhere

Political Wire

Alexander Burns: “Mr. Trump’s defiant performance may not stabilize his candidacy, but it will likely put to rest frenzied speculation over the weekend that he might be forced from the presidential race. Facing abandonment by dozens of important Republican officials, he bucked calls to withdraw and instead offered a performance his core supporters will cheer loudly.”

“His rhetoric was stocked with buzzwords that will gratify the party base: Benghazi. Sidney Blumenthal. Deplorables. Radical Islam.”

Byron York: “You can make a good argument that Donald Trump won the second presidential debate with Hillary Clinton. You could also argue that no one won. But it’s probably beyond dispute that Trump’s performance will shut down Republican defections from his struggling campaign, at least for now.”

Nate Cohn: “Many commentators argued that Mr. Trump held his own Sunday night; some argued he won the debate outright. And his tactics — intentionally or not — probably made it harder for the Republican establishment to abandon him.”

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