Reliance Industries to Bharti Aitel, These are India’s Top Indebted Companies!

The Daily Bhaskar

While we have often given you a hint of the humungous wealth owned by India’s wealthiest man, Mukesh Ambani, little have we given you an insight into the humungous amount of debt the Reliance Industries is under. Yes, you heard that right!

Several of the top Indian companies that are listed on the stock market surprisingly are under a huge pile of debt, thanks to the enormous amounts of loans taken from banks.

Right from Reliance Industries to Bharti Airtel, these companies have continued to maintain their position in the house of debt. Although several of the top business hubs in the country take huge amounts of loans from the bank to quit making a timely payment, it is in your best interest be aware of such companies before you go about investing in their stocks and shares.

Take a look at the indebted lot and may be the next time, you’ll give your investment an even thorough thought!
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