Great Khali Vs Brody Steele Takes an Ugly Turn off the Ring as he Misbehaves and Fights with Khali’s Students in Jalandhar!

The Daily Bhaskar

The Great Khali’s Continental Wrestling Entertainment (CWE) Academy situated in Jalandhar, Punjab recently witnessed an ugly fight by American wrestlers, thanks to the cancellation of a professional match between Brody Steele and Khali.

Angered by the incident, Brody Steele along with other American wrestlers stormed into Khali’s academy this weekend causing an endless destruction.

Apart from the physical damage instilled on the property, the gang of wrestlers who made it to the academy also picked up a physical battle with many of Khali’s students. Since the cancellation of the matches led to many staying put in the academy, the student wrestlers had to face the wrath that was otherwise meant for the Great Khali.

According to Super Khalsa, American wrestlers, Mike Knox, Rob Terry, Brody Steele among others were responsible for the tragedy. Since Khali was nowhere to be found, Brody began a fight with Khali’s younger brother Surender Rana and coach, Matt DesRoches.

While the men were involved in their own fights, Rebel decided to take on Bibi Bulbul, resulting in several slaps. In-spite of the many loses the academy faced, the students including their head, Khali decided to move away from any police investigation whatsoever.

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