HTC’s Android Wear-Powered Smartwatch Leaks

HTC’s Android Wear-Powered Smartwatch Leaks

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HTC is a very well-known company, though this company has been struggling for quite some time now. This Taiwan-based smartphone manufacturer is actually manufacturing Google’s all-new Pixel devices, and they’ve also released one of the best smartphones of 2016, the HTC 10. That being said, HTC’s sales are not exactly great, and it has been like that for a long time now. The company is, however, trying to turn things around by offering compelling products to consumers, and following their HTC 10 flagship, the company might introduce their first ever smartwatch, read on.

The company’s smartwatch was rumored for a long time now, and it actually just leaked in China. The rumored ‘Halfbeak’ (codename) smartwatch sports a circular design, and you can check what it looks like in the gallery down below. This watch is made out of metal, and it sports a circular display up front (full circle), with a resolution of 360 x 360. Now, the back of this watch actually features the Under Armour logo, which is a sports clothing and accessories company HTC had partnered up with a while back, the two companies have partnered up over Healthbox, a connected fitness system, so their logo on the back of this watch kind of makes sense. Now, this is a new leak, or at least it seems like it, we still can’t confirm these images are not older than the source leads us to believe, but we’ll have to wait for HTC to release more info when it comes to this before we can be sure of anything.

Anyhow, you’ll notice that this watch comes with a silicone / rubber band, which is clearly visible in the gallery. The watch seems quite sporty because of it, and it also looks really sturdy. There are two physical keys included on the right side of this watch, one will, presumably, power on / off this watch and also light up the display, though we still don’t know what the other one will be used for. There are some pogo pins included on the back of this watch, which could indicate that it will ship with a charging cradle or something of the sort. Now, as far as its specifications go, aside from the resolution of its display, we really don’t have any more info, we do, however, hope that HTC will include an AMOLED display here. This watch is expected to run Android Wear, though as already mentioned, nothing has been confirmed just yet.

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