BatteryGate: Galaxy Note 7 Caught Fire In Virginia

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been making the rounds once again these past few days, and for what? New and supposedly “safe” Galaxy Note 7 units have been smoking and catching on fire, with three cases having been reported so far, one in Taiwan and two cases in the US. Now, a fourth case has been reported and this time, it has occurred in Virginia.

According to the Verge, Shawn Minter had his Galaxy Note 7 on his nightstand when it suddenly burst into flames at 5.45 am yesterday morning. Minter had recently gotten this Galaxy Note 7 unit as a replacement for his previous one at a Sprint store in Richmond, Virginia on September 23. Similar to what happened to the man in Kentucky, Minter’s room filled up in smoke and he woke up completely panicking. When Minter made contact with a Sprint representative after the incident, Sprint offered him a replacement unit for his Galaxy Note 7 but fortunately he declined and opt to go for a Samsung Galaxy S7 instead. Do take note that Minter’s Galaxy Note 7 was not being charged at the time of the fire.

With multiple similar cases happening, it is best you get a refund for your Galaxy Note 7 to avoid such a thing from happening to you. At the moment, AT&T has suspended the sale of all its Galaxy Note 7 units, and T-Mobile has followed suit. If you would like a refund from any of the major US carriers, just return your Galaxy Note 7 unit and the carriers will refund your purchase, regardless of the purchase date. It was first reported that purportedly new and “safe” Galaxy Note 7 units were catching on fire when a Southwest Airlines flight 994 at the Louisville airport had to be evacuated after a Galaxy Note 7 unit started smoking. It then occurred in Taiwan, where a woman was walking her dog and a Galaxy Note 7 in her back pocket started smoking. The third case was then reported from Kentucky, where a man had to be admitted to the hospital after inhaling smoke from his Galaxy Note 7 unit which caught on fire. The medical report said that he suffered from acute bronchitis due to the inhalation of smoke.

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