An App for Political Organizing

The New Yorker

The Depression era had Eleanor Roosevelt, the MTV generation had Rock the Vote. Our current age has apps. In August, Amit Kumar, an entrepreneur in Menlo Park, California, distressed by the popularity of Donald Trump, released a mobile app called #NeverTrump, which allows users—there are now more than a thousand of them—to win points for prodding friends in swing states to vote. The app matches a user’s contacts with publicly available data, figures out whom the user knows in battleground states, then offers to send those people automated reminders to vote and, especially, to not vote for Trump. “On Facebook, a lot of people post, ‘I want to do something, but I’m in California, I feel powerless,’ ” Kumar said the other day, at an Asian-fusion restaurant in Sunnyvale. “Now you have something to do.”

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