Audience laughs when Trump calls himself a ‘gentleman’


It may well have been out of sheer disbelief.

Trump calling himself a “gentleman” in the debate. CREDIT: Screenshot

Sunday night’s debate was the first time Donald Trump had to directly confront detractors since audio was released of him bragging about sexually assaulting women. There was one moment in the debate that seemed to encapsulate how voters have responded to the remarks.

After an audience member asked a question of the candidates, he and Hillary Clinton briefly sparred about who should get to answer first. Trump then said, “No, I’m a gentleman, Hillary. Go ahead,” and laughter erupted from the audience.

Throughout the evening, there seemed to be a loud contingent of the crowd supporting Trump and his positions, such that moderators Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz had to ask them more than once not to audibly react. This suggests the laughter could have been from those same Trump supporters who were essentially cheering him on.

Trump denies he bragged about sexual assault. He’s lying.

But even granting that benefit of the doubt, laughter is nevertheless not the reaction a presidential contender would probably want when trying to prove he’s capable of respecting women.

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