C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Savoy Motel

Crooks and Liars

You mention Jeffery Novak's to a garage rock fan and they'll probably cite one of his previous projects. They'll say their fans of his one man band, the raw and brash Rat Traps or the Buzzcocks and DIY punk influenced Cheap Time. It seems some of those people are kinda bummed out by his latest thing Savoy Motel though.

Taking cues from mutant disco, wah-wah heavy funk, 70's AM pop, electonica and strange new wave, the sound leaves some of them scratching their heads, saying he's "lost it" and so on. The freshly out debut album by the band has been on my turntable all weekend and it is quite a groover. I think those grumping about it just don't know how to shake their hips or something.

What's making you boogie tonight?

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