Officials Say Note 7 Explosion Might Not Have Caused Jeep Fire


This is probably one of the worst periods in Samsung’s history, in which not only were they forced to recall the Galaxy Note 7 over exploding battery concerns, but all the negative press they’ve had to endure, and let’s not forget the financial consequences of the recall. However there is some good news.

If you might recall, a little over a week ago it was reported that the Note 7’s explosion had caused a jeep to catch on fire. No doubt this was a pretty scary idea, but it turns out that might not necessarily have been the case. A report from Patch has revealed that officials do not think that the Note 7 might have been the cause of the fire.

The St. Petersburg Fire Rescue wrote in a statement, “It was reported that a Samsung Galaxy Note7 was in the vehicle at the time of the fire and there were allegations that it may have been the cause. After a thorough investigation, fire investigators did not find a cause for the fire.” They are also classifying it as having an “undetermined” cause.

The reason for this is because “due to the destructive nature of the fire, and multiple possibilities that could not be eliminated as to the ignition source, this classification was determined most appropriate.” It sounds like while the Note 7 could potentially be be an ignition source, there are just too many possibilities to conclude that it was the handset. Not exactly a “win” for Samsung, but we guess it’s better than nothing.

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