What It's Like to Jump Back Into Destiny...2 Years Later


Like many others, I quit playing Destiny in 2014. I’d reached level 20, and while my friends tried explaining to me the concept of the ‘light’-centric endgame, it felt too convoluted, too vague, and too time-consuming to figure it all out. I’d finished the story and hit level cap; wasn’t that enough?

But time wore on and I kept hearing that Destiny had changed. Vanilla Destiny - what I played - was apparently well in the rear view mirror. Three pieces of DLC later, with a particularly significant upgrade thanks to The Taken King, the Destiny of 2016 was by all accounts the shooter Bungie always intended to make.

So I decided to buy all three DLC packs and jump back in for a couple of days to see if it’s possible to enjoy Destiny two years on. Here’s what happened.

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