Hillary Clinton Woos Millennials With Impassioned Speech

Crooks and Liars

Hillary Clinton continues to struggle with a voting bloc that helped propel President Obama into the White House - millennials. She has tried a variety of outreach techniques, but none seem to be working so far.

FiveThirtyEight reports that Clinton is only getting half as many votes from this critical "18-25" age group as Obama did during both of his elections. Not to say that they are going for Trump. They are not. Phew. But she is losing votes to third party candidates, and that is a problem. If it comes down to 2 candidates only, her support would go up. But not to Obama levels.

In an effort to bring voters to her side, there has been a big push from the both the President and the First Lady.

But now Hillary Clinton is focusing her attention on the millennial vote. Today she gave an impassioned speech directly to them. Here is what she said:.

A few notable quotes:

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