iOS 10 Installed On A Third Of iOS Devices Within A Week


Last week we reported that within the first 24 hours of iOS 10 being released, it was installed on 14.5% of compatible devices. So now that we’re nearly a week following its release, how are the numbers looking? The official figures have yet to be released, but according to Mixpanel it seems that iOS 10 adoption is coming along just fine.

The numbers we are looking at now is at 33.64%, meaning that pretty much a third of compatible iOS devices have installed the latest version of iOS. This is no doubt quite the accomplishment, although as AppleInsider points out, this is much slower compared to last year’s iOS 9 release.

In 2015, within a week of its release, iOS 9 was installed on more than 50% of all compatible iOS devices. Safe to say that by comparison, iOS 10 would appear to be slow in adoption. Now it is possible that many users have held back on updating because of reported issues by T-Mobile that causes connectivity problems.

There could also be other reasons, such as fear that updating an older iPhone, like the iPhone 5, would make it run even slower. In any case we’ll keep an eye out for the official figures and will update you guys accordingly.

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