21 Incredible Stories We Told From Around The World In 2015


From the fight against ISIS in Iraq to the rise of the far-right in Europe to those disappearing in Mexico, BuzzFeed World was there.

Reporting from Paris in the wake of the attacks on Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish deli, Rosie Gray examined how France's far-right National Front party was seeking to capitalize on the fear and anger provoked by the violence.

Alexia Luquet/BuzzFeed

The Government Is Losing Territory In Eastern Ukrainians’ Hearts And Minds — Max Seddon

Max Seddon reported from the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic to show how months of war had alienated people from the government in Kiev.

Max Avdeev/BuzzFeed News

These Are The Families Left To Reclaim Garissa’s Dead — Jina Moore

This heart-breaking story focuses on those who lost friends and relatives in the April attack on Garissa University in northern Kenya, as gunmen hunted and killed more than 140 people. As Jina Moore writes, "This is the story of Kenyans coming to claim their dead."

Thomas Mukoya / Reuters

The Ghosts of Laprak — Anup Kaphle

Anup Kaphle reported from a remote Nepali village to reconstruct what happened the day a massive earthquake hit.

Anup Kaphle/BuzzFeed News

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