Fletcher: *opens the door* Oh, hallo Princess. What are you doing here?

Annie: Hi Fletcher! *waves along with T and Del*

Fletcher: Hallo everyone

Starburst: Well, I was just thinking about our conversation from a few weeks ago. Y'know, the one at Sweet Apple Acres with Candy and Crème and Del

Fletcher: Oh........ yes. Not one of my more proud moments

Starburst: No, it's okay. So you said you wanted to try some new things right?

Fletcher: Yes, I would love to

Starburst: Great

Fletcher: So what are we going to do?

Starburst: I'll..... um.... tell you when we get there. Just put on some comfortable clothes

Fletcher: Okay. Be right back

Fletcher: So what kind of place is this?

Starburst: It's a dance studio. Crème reserved it for us

Fletcher: Are we going to......

Annie: Yeah!

Starburst: *sighs* Yeaaaaaah

Fletcher: I didn't know you danced

Del: She sure does!

T: And she's really good too.

Fletcher: Yeah?

Starburst: Yeah. But you can't tell anyone. It's a secret of mine.

Fletcher: .......... *looks at T, Annie and Del* ......um....

Starburst: They're the only ones that know. Del caught me dancing once and Annie just knows everything somehow. And since Annie knows, T knows.

Fletcher: Ah.

Annie: And Del and I dance too!

Fletcher: Really?

Del: Ever since Ah started coming to Canterlot, Ah've been learning a few things about ballroom dancing. And Star's taught me a few things

Annie: And I'm just able to dance somehow

Starburst: *mumbles* little mrs. perfect

Fletcher: What about you, T?

T: Oh, no. I'm not very light on my feet.

Fletcher: Ah, I see. So, eh, why are we trying dancing?

Starburst: Well, I've been dancing for a long time now and it really helps with guard training in my opinion. The two really aren't all that different. So I figured, since you're really good at being a guard, maybe you'd be a good dancer too

Fletcher: I'm ready to try anything so let's start!

Starburst: Great! So what kind of dancing would you like to learn?

Fletcher: Um.... ballroom sounds nice

Starburst: Okay. So for ballroom it's all about posture. Just like in the guard you stand straight, chest out, shoulders back

Fletcher: *follows instructions*

Starburst: Good. Now first thing you wanna do is the box step. You literally just step around in a square shape. Annie, Del, you wanna come join?

Annie: Sure!

Starburst: You can too, T.

T: Oh, I'm okay. I'll just watch

Starburst: Alright then. Here, Fletcher, watch my feet. You go up, to the right, stop, step back and to the left. So up, right, stop. Back, left stop and you start again. Try with me.

Fletcher: Okay. Up, right, stop. Back, left stop. Up, right, stop. Back, left stop. Up, right, stop. Back, left stop

Starburst: Hey you got it.

Fletcher: That's not so bad

Starburst: Now we can do it together. Del and Annie can you demonstrate?

Annie: *opens arms*

Del: *grabs her hand and waist*

T: *growls lowly*

Annie: T....

T: Sorry

Starburst: Got it?

Fletcher: I think so

Starburst: 'Kay, so stand up straight again, hold my hand and put your hand on my waist

Fletcher: Like this?

Starburst: Hand a little lower. Sorry, I'm short

Fletcher: Okay *lowers hand*

Starburst: *blushes* Too low!

Fletcher: Sorry, Princess! Sorry!

Starburst: Stand straight!

Fletcher: Yes ma'am!

Starburst: Alright..... Now you do the same box step that we just did. Del? Annie?

Del and Annie: *nod and begin dancing*

Starburst: See? So you do the opposite of me. Ready?

Fletcher: Mmhm

Starburst: Alright, 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3- ow

Fletcher: I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean to step on you! Gah, this is so simple! Why did I–

Starburst: Hey, relax. Focus. It's okay. Most people don't get it right the first time. Just try again *begins counting* There you go

Fletcher: *smiles* So what now?

Starburst: We could try moving around more. It's the same steps just in different directions. Just follow my lead

Fletcher: Hey, I got it

Starburst: Nice. See, you're a natural. Wanna try a spin?

Fletcher: Uh, sure.

Starburst: Just lift up your arm

Fletcher: *lifts up arm*

Starburst: *twirls under his arm and gets back into position* See? Easy

Annie: Lift me, Del!

Del: *lifts Annie up into the air*

Fletcher: Whoa. Can we try that?

Starburst: NO!

Fletcher: *flinches*

Starburst: I mean, I'd rather not. Sorry, I don't really like being carried

Fletcher: I understand

Starburst: Would you like to try a different kind of dance now?

Fletcher: Sure

Starburst: How do you feel about hip hop?

Fletcher: I'll try it

Starburst: Alright then. It's actually one of my favorite types of dance.

Fletcher: Really?

Starburst: Mmhm. There's a lot more quick, sharp movements which I really like. Hey, T? Can you play the music?

T: Sure thing *turns on the music*

Starburst: 'Kay, so here we go.........

Del: Are we gonna join them Annie?

Annie: Nah, I can't do hip hop. Well I could, but I can't unless someone guides me all the way through it cuz.... y'know...... eyes

Del: Right

Annie: Buuuuuut I did learn this one move from Amber when I went to a party with her last week

Del: Yeah?

Annie: Yep! Check it out! *starts twerking by Del*

Del: !!!!!!!!!!

T: *shoots an evil glare at Del*

Del: Not touching! Not touching! I swear!

Annie: *giggles* I'm just messing with you. Hey do you think they have water anywhere? We should get some for everyone.

Del: Y-yeah. Maybe you and T should go. I'll just hang out around here. as far from you as possible

Annie: Okay! C'mon T!

Starburst: Hey, you're pretty good at this dance Fletcher. See, you could be a dancer if you need to

Fletcher: Thanks! I actually wouldn't mind that. I'm having fun.

Starburst: Me too *smiles*

Annie: Guys! Guys! Guys!

Starburst: What? What's wrong?

Annie: You won't believe what T and I found back there in the other room!

Del: What is it?

Annie: There is a pole!

Starburst: ......... are you kidding me?

Annie: Nope! An there was a note for Fletcher! Read it T

T: ....... Do I have to?

Annie: Yeah!

T: *sighs* It says "Dear Fletcher, I hope you're having a good time learning how to dance and finding more talents. But just in case that doesn't work out, I also reserved the pole for you. Have fun! Sincerely, Crème de la Crème."

Fletcher: !!!


I'm not drawing fletcher as a stripper guys XD There were like 30 comments asking for that haha.

Sorry for spamming you with Fletcher stuff. I just kinda draw whatever the first idea in my head just in case I randomly get busy. I get more drawings out that way.

Got inspired by :iconsirkylanthered:'s comment " I would love to see him find another thing he's really good at but be kind of embarrassed about it. Then Star tries to make him feel better by confiding in him that she loves to dance."

It wasn't exactly this but I thought it'd be cute if she taught him how to dance.

Plus :iconbico-kun: has been asking for a twerking Annie. So I added that in there XD

I also really like dancer fashion


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