Why Books Suck


....*Gasp!* What's this? Have I actually written something? I have!

After a long hiatus, KatsaNovari has finally written something. Who have thunk it? I'm still struggling a little with my writing, but I feel confident enough to say that it's slowly coming back to me and I'll be writing regularly again before long. .......*Knocks on wood.*

Ahem, anyway... Now for the poem.
I'm going to be blunt about this, because I feel strongly about it. I'm so sick and tired of seeing stories, movies, books, TV shows, etc etc gaining the attention they have for no other reason than the fact that the characters are highly attractive and there's sex. And if not sex, than stupid love triangles and every page written from top to bottom with the character or characters conflicting with imaginary torments that they've made themselves, typically involving with "Oh, who do I love?!"
Even these elements wouldn't be so bad, if they were done right. But no, they're written with obvious laziness from the author who uses very common and cliched story elements to attract the attention of audiences who are too stupid to realize bad writing. Yes, I said stupid, because surely anyone who could be so rapt and engaged in these stories have low standards and probably don't read a lot in the first place. The writing is simple enough for their pleasure, and they can get through it quickly enough to watch their favorite TV show or go to the event they had planned on time. Because who wants to read a book that takes too long, am I right?

Don't get the wrong idea, I'm not trying to bash on romance in general. I admit, when it comes to genres, romance would have to be my least favorite. But even I find myself liking the subject when the author writes about it well. That's because there's character development, the plot is in depth, even if the character is having trouble sorting through his or her feelings, it's not all they're concerned about. AND THE CHARACTERS ARE ACTUALLY ALIVE!!! I swear to you, a majority of romance novels and books are the same exact thing, only the names have changed. The characters are dead and lifeless, they're there for the sole purpose of being used and to "get off".

Yet these books and stories are popular on websites like deviantart and in the real world, and I see all of these briliant books, some of which are even similar but actually GOOD, buried and never given the chance to shine in the spot light, because there's not enough "sex" in it, or the characters are actually being "reasonable" or have actual "thoughts".

I come across these type of stories and think to myself: I could write this within a day or two and become an instant hit... Because there's no challenge. These people probably didn't have to spend much time on their work, yet I see writers who's writing is absolutely brilliant and stunning take so much care and spend so much of their time on what they write (checking for spelling mistakes, fixing the plot and correcting errors, doing research), not gaining the attention they deserve.

Now that that little rant is over, I hope you enjoyed the poem :) Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of course, a majority of you may disagree with me, and that's completely fine. Please, feel free to comment your thoughts below, but please remember to be mature and reasonable about it. Thank you!


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