Destructoid saves the world: Come watch me play XCOM


I've not played anything more than turn-based strategy games in recent months, years. Massive Chalice. Invisible, Inc. Fire Emblem: Awakening. XCOM: Enemy Unknown. I started an Enemy Within playthrough one evening last year and suddenly it was 4AM. "Not again," I thought, unwilling to lose a few dozen more hours to the game.

My resolve has lasted months now, though Invisible, Inc. and Massive Chalice were my nicotine gum and I dropped as many hours in them as I did sucking on smokes...anyways, whatever, the point is that I'm going to play XCOM again, don't judge me.

Welcome to Destructoid Saves the World.

I'm going to start up a normal, Iron Man (no save scumming) game of XCOM (with Enemy Within expansion) and see if I can save the world with a squad full of those most suited for the job, people who write about videogames because they had one too many felonies to join the military.

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