You Suck at Parenting [30 GIFs]


Sometimes parents just need to be told that they suck at parenting. This is our attempt at doing that.

“Worst Moms In The World” Selfies

Like, yeah be happy that you’re different from your own parents in that you know how to upload photos to social media, but it’s probably best if you don’t show everyone that you store your baby in a microwave. Or that you let your pride and joys play with cobra snakes.

Parenting FAIL GIF-1Parenting FAIL GIF-2Parenting FAIL GIF-3Parenting FAIL GIF-4Parenting FAIL GIF-5Parenting FAIL GIF-6Parenting FAIL GIF-7Parenting FAIL GIF-8Parenting FAIL GIF-9Parenting FAIL GIF-10Parenting FAIL GIF-11Parenting FAIL GIF-12Parenting FAIL GIF-13Parenting FAIL GIF-14Parenting FAIL GIF-15Parenting FAIL GIF-16Parenting FAIL GIF-17Parenting FAIL GIF-18Parenting FAIL GIF-19Parenting FAIL GIF-20Parenting FAIL GIF-21Parenting FAIL GIF-22Parenting FAIL GIF-23Parenting FAIL GIF-24Parenting FAIL GIF-25Parenting FAIL GIF-26Parenting FAIL GIF-27Parenting FAIL GIF-28Parenting FAIL GIF-29Parenting FAIL GIF-30Parenting FAIL GIFs
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