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Eighteen-year-old Gustavo Barbosa Silva (@gustavo_barsilva) has never been outside the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, but he finds photography helps feed his travel bug. “One of my biggest dreams is to travel all over Brazil and to different countries,” he says. Gustavo is getting ready to pursue his university studies in graphic design, but in the meantime, he enjoys exploring the nearby city of Belo Horizonte, capturing hidden gems and often taking shots of his friends against the city’s diverse backdrop. “Belo Horizonte is my photographic refuge,” he says. “Shooting there means coming home with so many new photographs.”

Besides studying graphic design, Gustavo plans to take photography classes, aspiring to have a career in something “related to the visual arts.” Through Instagram, Gustavo discovered a passion for portraits, which he has found requires mutual companionship and trust. “Photographing my friends is the best,” he says. “Apart from getting to capture the surroundings, I am able to catch up with them and exchange ideas.”

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