Shadowrun returns with a journey to cyberpunk Hong Kong and a new Kickstarter


Players will return to the magic cyberpunk world of Shadowrun for a new adventure later this year as the role-playing game franchise, revitalized by 2013's Shadowrun Returns, moves to a new location in Shadowrun: Hong Kong. Developer Harebrained Schemes is taking its new Shadowrun game to Kickstarter, the crowdfunding platform that helped rocket Shadowrun Returns to success in 2012.

But this time, the Shadowrun team is taking a very different approach to funding its new game.

"Our last campaign, we asked people to fund the development of the game," executive producer Mitch Gitelman told Polygon in an interview. "This time, what we're saying is we're going to make a 12-hour campaign set in Hong Kong, with new tech and new magic. But i...

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