20 Baby name suggestions for Benedict Cumberbatch's Cumberbaby


Since Benedict Cumberbatch has the best name on the entire planet, the stakes are pretty high.

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Whether he has a boy or a girl, everyone will be waiting to see if the child has as memorable a name as his father. Here are 10 baby boy names and 10 baby girl names fit for a Cumberbaby.

Cumberbaby boy names

  • Copernicus Cumberbatch
  • Bartholomew Cumberbatch
  • Deuteronomy Cumberbatch
  • Hortense Cumberbatch
  • Mordecai Cumberbatch
  • Nicodemus Cumberbatch
  • Oberon Cumberbatch
  • Remington Cumberbatch
  • Snickerdoodle Cumberbatch
  • Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch (OK, this one is serious — it's a family name and could very well be his choice for a boy)

Cumberbaby girl names

  • Ariminta Cumberbatch
  • Blanchefleur Cumberbatch
  • Gwendolyn Cumberbatch
  • Hildegarde Cumberbatch
  • Nymphadora Cumberbatch
  • Persephone Cumberbatch
  • Philomena Cumberbatch
  • Seraphina Cumberbatch
  • Tallulah Cumberbatch
  • Violetta Cumberbatch

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