Incredible High-Resolution 3D GIFs Of The Human Heart, Brain & Other Body Parts


You might have played with 3D models of the human heart and brain during science class in school, but we’re guessing you’ve never seen the human anatomy rendered like this before.

General Electric has created a series of incredible high-resolution 3D GIFs of kidneys, an abdomen and other human body parts, using a super-fast CT scanner that utilizes computer-processed X-rays to capture images.

Fascinating and eye-opening, they reveal the complex inner workings of our body in brilliant detail.

Check out the GIFs below.

Foot and ankle reinforced with plates and screws

Skull and the Circle of Willis

Heart with stents that are used to treat narrow or weak arteries

Abdomen and the aorta

Skull and the Circle of Willis

Foot reinforced with screws
[via Fast Company, GIFs via GE Healthcare]
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