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For more photos of Christmas preparations from the Instagram community, browse the #12daysoffaffing hashtag and follow @juliabesidethesea on Instagram.

“I love a house full of people and the scents of Christmas, log fires and cinnamon, the coziness and twinkling lights,” says UK Instagrammer Julia Smith (@juliabesidethesea). “I love the traditions, some that are generations old, and some gathered along the way.”

Taking a creative twist on the classic Christmas carol, Julia started the #12daysoffaffing hashtag series last year to share the festive preparations that were underway at her home in Eastbourne. From baking the Christmas cake, to decorating the house and wrapping gifts, “Faffing is a bit like procrastinating—in this case in the most pleasurable way,” says Julia. “It’s taking time to enjoy the task in hand rather than going through the motions to get it done.”

Julia says she has always been a crafter. As a child she learned to sew and was constantly doodling and making paper crafts. She says many of the projects she makes with her family—and shares on Instagram—are adapted from her childhood. “Taking time to make and create things is as important as any purchase,” she says. “These are the memories we are making as a family and I know that this is what my children will remember.”

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